Mascotte Original Combi Bezt Etam Limited Edition

Bezt's impressive creative expressions deserve to be seen. Mascotte brings his art to you with a limited edition of the Mascotte Slim Size Combi pack. The most beautiful art, the best rolling paper.


Originals are there for a reason. Quality is first and foremost which you won’t fail to notice. Mascotte Original Combi contains 34 Slim Size rolling papers and 34 tips, giving you everything you need for rolling the perfect joint. The papers and tips are packaged in a combi booklet with a sturdy and magnetic closure. Bezt's beautiful artwork is based on the theme Forbidden Fruit. He depicts this, among other things, with a branch of the mountain ash, a tree that symbolizes sensitivity, desire and love dilemmas - feelings that can be food for one, but poison for the other. In early times, people believed that this tree drove out bad influences. You often saw the mountain ash next to houses and churches. In Bezt's eyes, the tree can also symbolize that which is not tolerated in some places, but is loved in more and more places; a forbidden fruit to enjoy.


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Material White
Type 34 leafs