Mascotte Organic Hemp Slim

The perfect papers for people who live life consciously. Small, super thin, and made of 100% organic hemp. 

Light Weight


Mascotte presents Mascotte Organic Hemp Slim. The rolling paper for people who live life consciously and think being sustainable is natural. The slim size paper is made of 100% organic hemp and the packaging is made of grass paper. Mascotte Hemp is the most natural. You can feel it, you can taste it. A pure, intense experience.

Those who value green dare to make choices. They know that these choices are not always the most comfortable. Choosing Mascotte Organic Hemp Slim is a conscious choice. The structure of hemp makes the paper a bit more vulnerable. Be gentle and roll with respect. For the plant, for the planet. However, as you are an expert we are sure you have the skill.


More Information
Material Hemp
Size Slim Size
Type 34 leafs
Weight 13.8 gram
Characteristics Light Weight